On December 13th, 1943, Nazi soldiers marched into Kalavrita looking for members of the Greek resistance who had kidnapped and murdered some other Nazi soldiers. The villagers said the resistance had left, but the Nazis gathered all males in the village aged 12 and up to a hill overlooking the village. They also gathered the females and locked them in the schoolhouse. What happened next has haunted the village ever since.

The males were forced to watch as the Nazis set fire to each house and building, one by one. As they watched the city burn, the Nazis opened fire with machine guns. When the shooting stopped, they walked around the bodies and shot anyone who was still alive. Only a few miraculously survived.

As for the women, they watched the village burn from the schoolhouse. A Nazi soldier disobeying orders unlocked the door and let them escape, probably sparing their lives. That soldier was never heard from again. The women searched the town and couldn't find the men until later in the day when they found the bodies scattered on the hill. The final count was 1436.

The Nazis took all of the supplies they could find leaving the surviving villagers with absolutely nothing, and homeless for the upcoming winter.

A monument to commemorate the villagers who were slaughtered is located on the hill and is decorated with stones inscribed with the names of those who were murdered. A large white cross sits at the top of the hill and provides a great view of the village.

In town, you will notice that the clock on the old cathedral are set at 2:34. This is the time that the massacre began.