The Monastery of Mega Spileon in Kalavryta: The Holy Monastery of Mega Spileon is placed 11 km far from the town of Kalavryta. It is found right on the central road that leads to Kalavryta and is geographically located close to Zachlorou village. It is built on the slopes of a steep side of a rocky hill, at a height of 120m, providing great views from its balcony.

The Monastery of Mega Spileon was originally built in 362 AD by two brothers, Symeon and Theodore, when a shepherd girl, after a dream, found an icon of the Virgin Mary inside a cave. The icon was made of wax and mastic and it is believed that Apostle Luke painted it.

The Monastery has suffered numerous destructions and fires along its history. In spite of all these damages, the Monastery of Mega Spileon is a very imposing construction and has a 17th century church with remarkable frescoes, mosaic floors and a bronze door with relief decoration. The Monastery also hosts a museum that displays carved wooden crosses, antique manuscripts and Holy Gospels. A good number of its important relics are also kept in a special hall. The

Monastery of Mega Spileon celebrates every year on August 15th, on the name day of the Virgin Mary, who is the protector of the Monastery.