The historic town of Kalavrita is located at the foot of mount Helmos at an altitude of 750 m.

The province of Kalavrita is well known since the ancient years: in his work “Arcadika”, Pausanias describes the ancient city of Loussi, Klitor, Psofis, Leontio, cities whose ruins are preserved until today. The town of Kalavrita had a substantial role in the Greek Revolutiom of 1821. On March 25th 1821,Bishop Germanos of Patras raised the flag of revolution at the monastery of Aghia Lavra near Kalavrita. The flag is saved up to our days.

On December 13th 1943, the Germans invaded Kalavrita, executed every male citizen of over 13 years of age and burnt down the town.

The Site of Sacrifice, located at the eastern side of Kalavrita is a “living” monument of these tragic events.

Kalavrita is the ideal destination even for the most demanding visitors. The winter sports at the Ski Center, the sports activities and the rare natural beauty of the region make Kalavrita the perfect “escape” all year long.

A few words about our name

The name Azanias comes from the ancient Azanias which was a big part of Arcadia.

It expanded all over today’s district of Kalavrita, with only some territorial differences.

Ancient Arcadia was located at the center of Peloponnese, hardy accessible by sea. Azanias was its north-western part that held about a quarter of its land.