An ideal destination all year round, Kalavrita offers numerous options for activities and visits to unique attractions.

Odontotos Railway

Travel by cog railway the Vouraikos gorge

The first train whistled on March 10, 1896 and it still does. The route from Diakofto to Kalavrita is of exceptional natural beauty and you can see the Vouraikos canyon from the inside comfortably and with safety. A trip that you must make at least once in your life! We are sure it will be an unforgettable experience!


Kalavrita Ski Center

Melt in the snow

Eight lifts, 13 slopes and 25 km of paved skiing in the largest ski resort of the Peloponnese in Helmos mountain. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier, you will love this mountain!


Cave of Lakes

A unique nature's creation

A cave with mysterious galleries and strange stalactite formations. With smaller and larger lakes that follow one another. A forest of stones full of surprises will challenge your imagination to create its own pictures. OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Tsivlou Lake

Alpine feel in Helmos mountain

Tsivlou lake is located at an altitude of 800 meters in Helmos’ slopes and was created in 1913 as a product of a landslide. It is one of the few mountain lakes in the Peloponnese and one of the youngest in Europe. It is accessible by car and is an ideal destination for a day trip from Chalet Azanias.

The waters of Styx

The waterfall where the Olympus Gods used to swore

The Waters of Stygos are the sources of Krathis river in Helmos at an altitude of 2,100 meters. In the mythology, Styx was an Oceanis whose palace was at the Tartars and sleepless dragons used to guard her day and night. It was believed that the spring water came from there, the Tartars and the palace of Styx. Worth the hike only to just feel the energy of the point.

Plane tree forest of Planitero

Magnificent forest with centuries-old plane trees

The picturesque Planitero forest is situated at an altitude of 700 meters. The unique landscape is dominated by walnut and plane trees and rushing waters around the sources of Aroanios River. Don’t miss the chance to visit the traditional water mill and taste the trouts that are breed in the clean river waters in the local restaurants. 

Agia Lavra & Mega Spileo Monasteries

Monasteries of great historical importance

The Holy Monastery of Mega Spileo is considered to be the oldest monastery in Greece and one of the most impressive Christian pilgrimages. In the Monastery of Agia Lavra, the Orthodox Metropolitan of Patras, Germanos III of Old Patras, proclaimed and blesses the Greek Revolution on March 25, 1821

Municipal Museum of Kalavritan Holocaust

The house of our Heroes

We pay tribute to our ancestors and we never forget our history. A holocaust took place in Kalavrita on December 13, 1943 and the Museum was designed to show it’s visitors how Kalavrita city was before and after the war. Every visitor should go to the Museum to get to know the history of Kalavrita and come in contact with our cultural heritage.



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